Stay Human podcast 4. Culture

Ben Afia Stay Human podcast 4 Culture

In this episode, we'll uncover the secret to creating a thriving organisation – building on what's already working in your company.

We'll explore how the flight and fight response gets in the way of human connection and thwarts your attempts to lead change (and what to do about it).

We'll look at how leadership is changing and the significance of your company's heartbeat.

And we'll discuss aligning values with behaviours and creating a robust framework for training.

In this episode:

  • Starting with what's already working in your organisation
  • Getting executives on board with your vision for culture
  • Using storytelling to align your team and customers
  • Making sure your brand is more than just marketing
  • Communicating your values in a way that avoids clichés.
  • Getting a framework in place to help your organisation adapt and change.

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