A more human business makes customers happy and cuts costs.

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Business is tough right now. We're all being asked to reduce our budgets and find efficiencies. But how do you do this while boosting your customer experience?

I'll work with your teams to create an experience customers love, and is more cost effective. A more human business.

You know every webpage, email, letter, chat or call is a chance to create feelings of wow… or woe. Get each touchpoint right and you’ll create an emotional connection, which will:

  • earn loyalty+advocacy
  • reduce costs
  • increase NPS

The challenge

The problem is making that happen internally. Many teams contribute to each touchpoint and they’re not always joined up.

Comms are often created to solve problems but things have moved on. Fears around compliance lead to language that puts customers off.

And the focus on targets and the next promotion can get in the way of building long-term relationships.

The answer

I believe the answer is to align everything you say, with everything you do. In every interaction, in every part of your business.

When you connect your teams and processes, you'll transform your customer comms. And the change will stick.

See the approach

It's easy to get going

  • 1. Gather a sample of comms
    Gather a handful of communications and send them to me.

  • 2. Identify where problems lie
    Every organisation has its own mix of comms problems. I'll review and show you where to focus your efforts for maximum impact.

  • 3. Make a start
    I'll help you create a vision for your ideal customer experience, plan what needs to happen and deliver permanent change from within.

Where it's worked

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