Stay Human Podcast 2. Customer experience

Ben Afia Stay Human podcast 2 Experience

In this episode, we explore customer experience and how company culture and strengths contribute to that experience.

When you make a promise to customers in your marketing, how do you make sure you fulfil that promise through exceptional customer service? Consistency is the key, as every moment of communication shapes your customer’s perception of you.

These touchpoints are the only evidence customers have of your company's inner workings. And they’re the only evidence customers have that you’ll deliver for them.

So it’s vital you make sure every interaction conveys, not just the right message, but the right feeling.

We talk about mapping your customer journey as a way to get that consistency. Journeys are complex webs rather than linear paths. But once you can see the whole picture you’ll see where you can improve.

Once you’ve defined your culture and brand, you can train your customer service teams in the empathy skills necessary for customers to feel you care. And if you also train your team managers in coaching skills, they can guide their teams toward finding solutions independently, freeing up the manager's time for other tasks.

In this podcast we cover:

  • Mapping your customer’s journey
  • Understanding the customer's experience
  • Identifying areas that need improvement
  • Consistency across all touchpoints is essential
  • They’re all an opportunity to convey the right emotions
  • Customer experience isn’t just about marketing
  • It’s about the entire organisation and its culture
  • Empathy training is essential in moments of strife
  • A coaching culture helps sustain the skills after training
  • The financial value of empathy in business is increasing, especially during the geopolitical upheaval and financial strain.