Your challenge

Afia Challenge Rework

You probably started out with a huge sense of mission and purpose

You knew what you were out to do in the world, why you existed and your team were aligned around you. It’s easy to lead from the front when your team is small.

What’s the problem?

But that changes as your business grows. Around the time you no longer know everyone by first name, particular challenges crop up.

People often don’t feel as connected to the mission and team as they did when you were smaller, even though you’re sure you’re being clear. Newer people have a different experience to those who’ve been around a while. As things get more complex, you become less nimble, less efficient.

What’s the answer?

People need to be clear where you’re heading. And to feel connected.

Give them a compelling strategy, a story they can own, and they’ll have the clarity they need.

Simple right? Well, not quite

Crucially, you need your exec team to agree on these. When you have a group of talented, opinionated, high achievers round the table, it’s easy to slip into endless debate about beliefs, ambitions and fears.

If you’re not aligned at the top your CFO might not be believing in the same story as your COO. That leaves teams confused and unfocused.

You need a powerful narrative that connects your leaders, people and customers so that everyone’s pulling in the same direction.

You need to rally your teams behind that story. To connect your culture, brand and customer experience.

The result is engaged employees, happier customers and consistent growth.

How I help

“I’ll help you articulate your direction so it’s exciting, align your brand and engage your people.”

You’ll create an organisation of energised employees who’ll improve your customer experience. And that’ll improve your commercial results.

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